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Blockchain ICO

Since 2016 Bitcoin and altcoins are receiving attention from more of the investors all around the world. Where due to these cryptocurrencies proving themselves to be a safe harbor against the government’s policies and they have been the best in the cryptocurrency exchange list. Due to high user demand and for the base, many exchanges have closed down their new registrations. While the Blockchain ICO (Initial coin offering) provides almost every possible facility in creating an ICO and launching it to the market in no time. For instants, here are some of the top ICO blockchains which might be next target in the market:

Binance – They have resumed their registrations for a longer period.

Bitmex – You can go ahead with margin trading with this as it is huge in the market.

Huobi –  Offers exchange a unique type of coin called the HT. It is new and reliable, many users have signed up.

Changelly – Instantly you can convert any cryptocurrency to any other of your choices. It is great for an instant conversion of cryptocurrency.

KuCoin – They are being the strongest in the industry, while they keep on thriving to get as to top the market.


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