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Ethereum Token Wallet

Ethereum being the open-source platform that it is, has digital assets of its own called ethers used for payment, vouchers, in-game items etc. It also allows coding applications on your own.

In order tomake Ethereum token you will have to follow certain steps:

go to the Ethereum wallet app

deploy a new contract by inserting a standard reusable code

create your tokens by further adding to that code and implementing the functions you defined as per the standards.

After that you can personalise your token with the tools provided.

Using cryptocurrencies in transactions requires the use of private cryptographic keys. While these keys are generally stored online using the blockchain technology, they are vulnerable to thefts and hacks. Cryptocurrency users had to come up with an alternative storage system like mobile wallets that is on your smartphone, paper wallets where it is on paper and so on.

A Ledger wallet is a similar storage device which supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and Ethereum. You can send and receive tokens as well as run third party apps on it. Your private key used to access your coins is protected inside a pin locked by a pin code.

Ethereum tokens can be transferred to this wallet by via the Ethereum app in the wallet. Those tokens are then called the ledger erc20 tokens.


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