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Crypto ICOs that use Bitcoin as their primary mode of payment are few in number. However, there still is a lot promising ICOs that use Bitcoin as its major exchange currency. Let’s look at some ICO coins that use Bitcoin as it’s mode of exchange. Bitcoins were made to be exchanged for tokens even though they necessarily don’t have any token generation technology on them.





Funny enough, Ethereum was a crypto ICO that used Bitcoins for its exchange. There are many more ICOs in the world that utilize the potential of Bitcoins and makes it its primary exchange currency but it should be noted there’s little to no Bitcoin exclusive ICOs. This is because of the benefits and features one can reap using Ethereum as their mode of payment and altcoins like Ethereum allow for a great way to generate a coin out of it and make it their token.

If you find an ICO that you wish to invest on but you only have Bitcoin and the ICO doesn’t allow for the exchange of Bitcoins then you could attempt for a coin exchange for Ethereum with a measly exchange fee to exchange your Bitcoins to Ethereum or other coins and then invest on your ICO.


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