Educating the world on cryptocurrency and ICO

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We can define ICO as an initial coin offering. Which means that a person will offer the investors some units of new cryptocurrency. It can also be a crypto-token which they give in exchange against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum etc. The first and initial token sale was done by mastercoin in July 2013. Then by 2014, the money was noticeably raised with the sale of ethereum tokens. It almost raised 3700 BTC in just first 12 hours. ICOs sale took a height or became popular by the mid-year. Then there were almost 18 websites tracking ICOs by December 2017.  When we see the ICOs walkthrough from the start till today we can see an enormous amount of growth.

At the beginning of October2017, ICO coin sale almost reached $2.3 billion and it was ten times more than what was there in 2016. By the end of Novembermonth, there were 50 offerings every month. By the end of 2017, the capital of ICOs was reached 40 times more than what was in 2016.Then, there was the highest income of ICO in January 2018. This raised the income almost upto $257 million. The path was always a successful one for ICO tokens.


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