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Presearch ICO – Overview

Presearch is a decentralized and open SE that rewards the member of the community with their tokes. The Presearch tokens are obtained by the members on the basis of their usage, promotion, and contribution to the platform. The more the member contributes, uses and engages himself while having beneficial offers of tokens. On the other hand, we have newly launched strategy building ICOs as well. For example, Simple token ICO which acts as a bridge between cryptocurrencies and mainstream applications of the consumers.

The features that are available in the Presearch ICO is not available even in the top ICOsĀ of the following year. The features include:

Decentralized search engine

Transparent ranking factor

User’s choice of data utilization

Community-driven decision-making process

Ability to vote

Fund projects

Earn tokens for contributing

Thus, the different approach by this ICO developers has unique scope in getting the ICO to next level of an interface in voting and contribution manner. While such activities a rewarding the community member will result in immense fundraising joy. ICOs with different purposes are required in order to build a stronger and evolving community in the crypto world.


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